Bedsheet Castles

Fingerprints on eyelids, on mouths, on cheeks,

we are a pile of scarred elbows and open chests

layered against flattened pillows and twisted comforters,

caught somewhere between “have to” and “need to”

I whisper “I love you” into the soft darkness

and you counter with “forever”

because the only way we know how to stay alive

is to turn to fire until everything bubbles over,

too fast to catch, too quickly to wonder,

we are always pieces of coal aching to burst into flames,

so we build castles out of bed sheets and

find a home in each others arms,

it turns out “I love you” is the only way

I can keep myself from exploding.

I am transparent for you, my skin porous,

all my soft wrapped in a bundle and laid in your arms.

The air I breathe fills up your lungs,

you blood seeps through my veins,

the nectar from your milky skulls lulls me into a sleep

sweeter than any I have ever known.

Like we are a jumble of skinned knees and laughter,

wearing crowns of each other’s fingers

your fingers running through my hair like it’s magic,

likes its all you have to hold onto,

your hipbones feel like silk in my hands,

the night turns our eyes into crystals,

you’re the most precious thing I’ve ever known.

The moonlight seeping through my window

mixes with your “forevers”

embedding them eternally in this moment,

we throw down our anchors in the depths of each other,

clinging onto ribs, onto bed sheets,

onto “I love yous” and “forevers”,

making enough promises to encompass entire lifetimes.

We are a mound of paper cuts,

tangled hair and eager lips

We are the king and queen of this bed sheet castle,

ruling eternally

in this moment.