Grief no.2

These days it is almost impossible to even

conjure up your voice.

My brain will barely let me

remember your sounds

your enveloping laugh

the mischievous glint in your eye that ebbed

and flowed with the tide of your heart. Those treasures

locked up, all “no trespass” and “do not disturb”

an army of tears standing guard

ready to attack at any slight provocation-

no battle tactic is ever as effective

as terror.


So I find you in the smell of the ocean,

sunflowers and peppermint extract.

Speak to you with sunset and poems,

hear you voice whispered through the trees,

trace your name on the back of my eyelids

in every shade of orange and green I can dream up,

build an invisible castle for you in my heart.


Wear you around my skin like


Like armor-

fear and



Who knew I would be able to see your face

more clearly in the stars

than I ever would in any picture?

Sabrina NelsonComment