Sabrina Rose Nelson

You have a unique voice.

You have a powerful message.

I want to capture it.


I’m Sabrina, a copywriter and content marketing strategist. I help entrepreneurs and small businesses in the health, wellness, and spirituality spaces convey the magic of their project, brand, or business through words that capture their own unique essence.

As someone with a background in creative writing and journalism, I know how to capture voice. You know, the little thing that makes you sound like, well, you! With so much content out there, it can be easy to get lost in the crowd and think that in order to be successful, you have to follow the same old formulas as everyone else. However, I think that the path to standing out is this: know your voice, trust your magic, and let it shine.

Good, authentic-to-you content can completely elevate your brand. It introduces you and your brand, grows your following, establishes your authority in your field, gets you noticed by search engine and social media algorithms, and importantly, leads to more business!

As an entrepreneur, you're busy crafting your vision, running your business and coming up with brilliant ideas and offerings, and finding the time to create good content is nearly impossible. That's where I come in…


“Within us is the breath and our truths and our longings- together they are the song, the creation hymn we have been hearing to sing”

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Social Media

Don't want to spend every day coming up with captions and tracking hashtags? I can help. I'll curate your Instagram and/or Facebook feed so that it reaches and resonates with your ideal audience. I’ll track each post’s performance and gear everything I do towards the ultimate goal of authentic engagement.

Blogs & Articles

A good blog can turn a brand into a community. It can showcase your brand's voice and message, establish you as an expert in your field, boost your website's SEO, and help you and your brand connect with like minded people.

All blog posts are optimized for SEO, are thoroughly researched, and are a minimum of 750 words. If you'd like, I can uploaded them directly into your content management system and set them up nicely with a featured image and optimized metadata.

Email Newsletters

Don't know what to do with your email list? Good, useful email newsletters will help build a more intimate community and nourish those individual connections. I lovingly craft each email from the subject line to the ps and everything in between. Then I'll check it thrice for errors before setting it up in whichever email management service you use (and if you don't currently have one, we can set that up, too!).

Bios & About Me Pages

So you hate writing about yourself? I’ve got you. A good bio goes a long way in establishing trust and confidence. I’ll make sure we’re telling your story and capturing the magic of what you do in a way that resonates with the right people.

Landing Page & Sales Copy

Landing pages can seem complicated and overwhelming, but no fear. I can craft a sales page that will take your ideal customer on the journey you want them to take, guiding them towards your intended call to actions. I'll take your message and arrange it strategically to create a sales/landing page optimized for your goals

Something else

Have a project or idea that isn’t on this list? Reach out, tell me about it, and let’s talk!


Social Media

$1000 per month for Instagram

$800 per month for Facebook

Each month comes with a customized strategy based on your goals, written and visual content, daily audience engagement, and optimized post scheduling.

Blogs & Articles

$125 per post

$450 per package of 4 posts

$800 per package of 8 posts

Each blog post is well-researched, SEO optimized, and a minimum of 750 words. Additionally, each post comes with a featured image, as well as a social media caption for sharing across platforms.

Email Newsletters

$35 per email

$140 per package of 5 emails

$250 per package of 10 emails

Each email comes with conversion-focused written and visual content, as well as optimized scheduling.

Bios & About Me Pages

$250 per about page

Landing Page & Sales Copy

Begins at $500 per sales page (based on scope of project)



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