Hi, I’m Sabrina


I’m sabrina…

Poet, essayist, kitchen witch, herbalist, waterfall of emotion.

I write because it is the most natural thing to me. To me, writing is a way to alchemize grief and shame into beauty, connection, and healing. My writing is deeply influenced by the women in my family, by their untold stories and hidden magic. I write a lot (and think even more) about grief and shame, and in many ways my writing is a continual exploration of those themes, and a testament both to their inevitability and to the tenacity of life to dance on regardless.

My writing is also deeply influenced by place and the natural world. I grew up in the rainy, mossy green Pacific Northwest, among wild evergreens, next to the magnificent Pacific Ocean.

Psychic Macrobiotics*…

The ocean (especially the Pacific), the moon, pine trees, my sisters’ laugh, the smell of my mother’s sandalwood perfume, words, paper, nighttime air, spacious mornings, the endless uncovering of new knowledge, and love deep enough to drown in.

*that is, what one’s soul needs to survive

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