Muck Root Woman (Grandmother)

Muck root woman.

Garden woman.

Vivid green, pulsating life woman.

Always feed the ducks kind of woman.

Waxing moon woman.

Vanilla and moss scented woman.

Sweet earthy scent that brings me home woman.

Feet on the grass woman.

Kitchen witch woman.

Late summer night woman.

Sunflower woman.

Blackbird woman.

Ocean wild, eyes wide, wind blown woman.

Chin first, matted fur, cactus water woman.

Fire belly woman.

Appetite woman.

Heart shake woman.

Earthquake woman.

Know it in your bones woman.

Raw skin woman.

Moon heavy woman.

Too soft, woman.

Too much, woman.

Buried grief woman.

Blood worn woman.

Marrow sucked woman.

Goodbye woman.

My woman.

Sabrina Nelson