A Spell for Returning


Moon heavy.



A Spell for Remembering


Lemon verbena.

Soil from a childhood garden.

Strawberry scented bubble bath.

Chocolate chip cookies.

Waxing moonlight.

Tears flooding a river to float you home.


A Spell for Hunger

Night blooming jasmine.


Pores seeping soul songs-

soft like almond blossoms,

fierce like a mountain lion.

No inch of you untouched by holy water.


A Spell for Fairies

Glitter-speckled sugar cookies.

Purple lilac bushes.

A kitchen sill lined with herbs.

A sunlit garden.

A pot of orange blossom tea.

Shade of a big mossy rock.

Faded photos for remembering.


A Spell for Grace


A warm night.

Gentle waves.

Rose quartz.

7 ducklings.

Your arms open wide

to receive yourself.


A Spell to Come Back Home

Pouring rain.

Northwest thunderstorms.


Stories of Baba Yaga.

Coffee on the porch,

wrapped in your mother’s comforter.

11 hour sleeps.

Your lover’s sweater.

A deep breathe alone.

Sabrina Nelson