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You have a unique voice.

I want to capture it.

Hi- I’m Sabrina, and I would love to work with you to help convey the magic of your project, brand, or business through words that capture your very own unique brand of magic.

As a writer with a background in creative writing, and journalism, I know how to capture voice. You know, the little thing that makes you sound like, well, you! With so much content out there, it can be easy to get lost in the crowd and think that in order to be successful, you have to follow the same old formulas as everyone else. However, we are seeing that the path to standing out is this: know your voice, trust your magic, and let it shine.

I work with clients to do just that. I identify their distinctive voice and bring it through in blog posts, on social media, and in email campaigns, landing pages, and website copy. I offer copywriting and editing services, as well as social media management, to entrepreneurs who want their copy to sound like them, not just some generic copy formula. Whatever you’re doing, I know there is an enormous amount of passion and heart behind it. Let’s make sure that comes through to everyone else, too.

A little more about me….

I’m a writer and social media content creator with experience developing pieces for publications like The Huffington Post, Seattle Magazine, Bitch Media, and The Women’s Media Center, as well as copy writing and social media management for several small spiritual/wellness based businesses. I’m also a poet, with piece published in places like Luna Luna Magazine and in the anthology I AM STRENGTH.

With my background in creative writing, I know how to capture voice. With my background in sociology and media studies, I know how people think and what makes them tick. I’ve written everything from blog posts for a handcrafted spiritual goods company, to Instagram posts on the different phases of the moon, to roundup articles on the best new fiction books of the year, to a scientific research memo for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services on mitigating Zika Virus. I would love to combine my diverse background and skill set and with the beautiful voice of your brand to create unique, compelling, and engaging written content.

What people have said about working with me

“Being an entrepreneur is not always easy. I work full time on my business and  manage all areas of my business. This past year, my business started growing so fast that  I had to let go of certain areas.  Writing was one of them. As much as I love writing, finding the time became impossible. Then I met Sabrina and  knew immediately,  she was the answer.

Saying she is a gifted writer is not enough. She listens to what my message is, goes through my ideas with such care and truly speaks my language. Her work is poetry, impeccable  and I am so grateful I found her!

She is always prompt and gives me time to go through what she wrote to make sure it’s the message I wanted to convey and I have to say, I have never had too change even one word.

I highly recommend Sabrina, she is a gift!” A

“Sabrina makes magic!” E